Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Vision

"I envision a state where all are welcome but where all are expected to conduct themselves according to truth, honesty, integrity, purity, and respect for people and property. I envision a state where parents are encouraged to discipline their children, not punished for doing so. I envision a state where individual rights are kept in balance by time-honored community values. Those whose lifestyle and beliefs differ from these norms must be accepted and not persecuted. But to allow these radically divergent views to be propagated as viable alternatives is to invite Goliath and his family to live next door. Our children are too precious for such a risk.

"I envision a North California where the church is separate from the state but not excluded from it. For example, Christmas isn't Christmas without the carols and pageants of the Christ-child. And the Bible and prayer are as much a part of the foundation of our country as the Declaration of Independence. Instead of banning these facets of our religious heritage, we must celebrate them with our children, while respectfully allowing any who believe otherwise to decline participation."

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