Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Godly Values

As peppermint ice cream was being served, affable media secretary thanked everyone for attending and told a couple of preacher jokes, which drew gales of laughter. Then he introduced their host, "a man loved and respected by decent, God-fearing people across our new state, a man who will lead North California in turning our nation back to morality and godly values, Senator—and soon to be Governor—Daniel Bellardi."

Stepping to the lectern, Daniel mirrored pleasure at the enthusiastic ovation from his guests. A few "Bellardi for Governor" placards appeared in the crowd, even though the evening had been promoted as a social event instead of a political rally.

Daniel began his presentation by reading a number of passages from the Bible. The Old Testament texts concerned God's oft-repeated promise of a homeland for Abraham and his progeny. Other verses recalled God's insistence that his people live righteously within the borders of their new land despite the sinful behavior of their pagan neighbors. New Testament texts cited the injunctions of Jesus and St. Paul to spread the light of righteousness and justice in a dark world. Bellardi's lengthy reading was liberally punctuated with murmurs of "yes," "amen," and "praise the Lord" from the audience.


APlum said...

Josh: I"m searching your site for help on apologetics as applied to persons who have identified themselves as a pagan. Can you direct me to some sources of information that can help me in this matter?

PS: Saved under your ministry in 1978 and still going strong ...

Josh McDowell said...

Andy, here’s a website that might be helpful for that person you described: