Thursday, June 30, 2011

Judeo-Christian Values

The vigorous applause demonstrated that Daniel Bellardi's audience was solidly on his side. He concisely delineated a platform of Judeo-Christian values as his passport to leading North California into the twenty-first century. He repeatedly called the God-fearing people of North California to take up his banner and help him conquer the land.

Daniel smiled with pleasure and turned his attention to the cameras. "I know there are tens of thousands of people in South California and across America who are fed up with crime and immorality in the streets and disgusted with leaders who refuse to do anything about it. I have one thing to say to these people: Come to North California and help us take the promised land for freedom."

Everyone in the ballroom was on their feet and cheering wildly again. These were the people who could help him take his message of hope to the people of North California. Only one dark, persistent cloud looming on the horizon shadowed his optimism. Juanita Dunsmuir also had a growing number of North Californians applauding and cheering for her.

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