Thursday, April 28, 2011

The New Law Protects Me

Shawna was surprised and a little disappointed that her mother was holding together so well while confronting her about the emails from and to Rik. But as soon as she tried to speak, Shawna cut her off. "Get out of my room and leave me alone!" she wailed. She had never ordered her mother out of her room before, but Destiny had urged her to stand up for herself. "I'm leaving, but you definitely are not," Stevie snapped, squaring her shoulders. "You stay right here until your father arrives."

Shawna slammed the door as her mother left. Destiny hadn't said anything about how to handle her dad; Destiny didn't even know who her dad was. It doesn't matter what Dad says, Shawna coached herself as she thought Destiny might. Mom violated my privacy and damaged my personal property. Destiny said that the new law protects teenagers from such things. My school counselor said the same thing. I can live anywhere I choose. I can even live with Rik if I want to—maybe not right away, maybe after I explain everything to him. But I don't have to live here anymore. When Mom thinks I'll leave, she'll let me do what I want.

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