Monday, May 2, 2011

Destiny Said To ...

Shawna remembered one more thing Destiny told her to do if her mom gave her serious trouble about anything. She felt a little weird about doing it, but Destiny said it was necessary to make sure her mom gave her the space she deserved. She took her phone to a corner where she would not be heard outside her room and made one purposely tearful phone call. Then she sat down on the floor to wait.

About forty minutes later, Shawna heard her dad arrive. Listening through the door, she could hear her parents talking, but their voices were too low for her to get much of the discussion. After ten minutes, there was a soft rap on her door. She immediately recognized her father's voice when he said, "Shawna, it's me."

"Come in," she responded, sniffing loudly to keep up the abused-child act.

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