Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Not a Child

Stevie was a successful advertising salesperson for a popular L.A. radio station. As a one-person operation, she did it all: negotiate contracts, write copy, generate graphics, produce radio spots. At this moment Stevie stood in her daughter's room and sighed. Besides being perpetually cluttered, the room was plastered with posters of rock groups and bare-chested young "hunks" from the movies and TV. Even the screen-saver glorified the popular music industry.

Stevie much preferred the pictures of horses, puppies, and kittens that had decorated Shawna's room in her preteen years. But Shawna was a teenager now, and the current room decor was much better than what she had first requested: to paint the room black and red and display posters of some of the morally questionable bands and personalities she claimed to like. Even with the concessions, however, Shawna continued to complain that she was being treated like a child.

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