Monday, March 28, 2011

Hopefully It's a Phase

Stevie assured herself often that her daughter Shawna was still going through a dark phase over the death of her older brother. The incident of rebellion at the camp almost two weeks earlier and Shawna's harsh words and attitude afterward were another expression of it, Stevie was convinced. She could hardly deny her daughter a period of grief and confusion, considering the depression she herself had suffered, but sneaking out of camp in the middle of the night to meet strange boys bordered on self-destruction. Shawna's cutting retorts during the ride home went beyond anything that could be considered "normal" disrespect. Once the children's weekend with their father was over, Stevie had grounded Shawna for a month—except for school, of course—but it had not softened her daughter's surly attitude so far. Glancing around at the worldly images decorating the room, Stevie prayed that Shawna's phase would pass soon, for both their sakes.

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