Monday, March 21, 2011

The Opponent

"Juanita Dunsmuir's concerts can and do make an impact getting people to vote for her" insisted a staff adviser, " because they reach people deeply. Plus, "Wealthy friends in the entertainment industry have anted up big-time to support one of their own. Folks are mesmerized by Juanita the entertainer. Then she sings about freedom and tolerance and plants the thought in their heads that nobody has the right to determine right and wrong for anyone else. By the end of the evening she has people believing that Dan Bellardi plans to turn North California into a forty-five-thousand-square-mile prison camp where the population is told what to believe, what to think, and how to behave. And the people at the concerts tell their friends."

Coleman King, Daniel's longtime friend and policy advisor, said, "I don't think we need to worry about Juanita Dunsmuir. The majority of the people in North California live up here because they just don't like it in the south. They don't like the pace and pollution and crime of the big cities. They believe in moral values, right and wrong, truth and justice. That's why they backed us to create a new state. If we communicate our vision clearly, patiently, and with dignity—and we all know that Daniel is supremely capable of doing just that—the voters in our new state will support us."

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