Monday, January 17, 2011

The Rules

Shawna and Destiny saw the metallic blue Camaro from two blocks away, angled into the curb in front of Coogan's Pub. "It's party time," Destiny said expectantly trying to assume the mature persona she had portrayed by email to a guy who signed on simply as Rik. But inside, Shawna's emotions snapped and sparked like live wires. Raw excitement clashed with insistent cautions against unknown dangers.

Headstrong defiance wrestled against deeply anchored rules of behavior—“rules designed to keep you safe,” her parents had drummed into her. Well, the rules didn't keep Dougie safe, did they? she thought as an unbidden memory of her older brother flitted through her mind. And they sure didn't help keep our family together. So maybe I have the right to figure out my own rules for a change. Memories of Dougie were always painful, so she pushed them from her mind and focused on the Camaro ahead.

A man in his early twenties leaned on the front door like a Levi's model, smoking a cigarette. "That's Travis," Destiny whispered. "Isn't he hot?" "Totally," Shawna said, even as she found herself slowing down slightly.

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