Thursday, January 13, 2011

Online Friends

After they had traversed a couple hundred feet of dark road away from camp, Shawna asked, "How many guys are we meeting in town?" All Destiny had told her was that they were sneaking into town to meet some guys she had introduced to Shawna by email. "Just Travis and Rik, I think," Destiny answered. Shawna had not met either guy in person. Travis was Destiny's email boyfriend. At Destiny's urging, Rik had started emailing Shawna, and she had replied a few of times, sending him a glamor picture of herself with “bedroom eyes”. "What do you know about Rik?" Shawna asked, trying to brush away the nervousness that nagged her as they walked the dark, narrow road to town. "Friend of Travis, that's all I know," Destiny said. "I met him in a private chat room on-line. Travis set it all up."

Shawna pushed away all she didn't know about Rik and assured herself that Destiny knew about guys. After a few minutes of silence, Shawna asked, "Where are we supposed to meet them?" “Travis said they would be waiting in his metallic blue Camaro. We'll have a couple of drinks in Coogan's Pub and—" "Drinks in the pub?" Shawna exclaimed, "How old are these guys?" "Travis is twenty-two, and Rik is probably about the same." Shawna sucked a long breath of surprise. "And how old does Travis think you are?" “Nineteen. Listen, we look nineteen, and once they see us tonight they won't care about the other stuff. This is going to be an unforgettable night. You're gonna blend with Rik, I promise." Shawna was getting more uncomfortable about this idea with every step toward town.

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