Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Party Time

As if sensing Shawna's uncertainty, Travis said, "Rik's up at the cabin getting ready for our little . . . party. Let's go." Destiny turned to Shawna with a look that communicated, What's your problem, girl? This is what we came for. Move it before a camp counselor drives by and sees us. Warning signs she wanted to ignore flashed wildly in her brain. Why didn't Rik come himself? Who are these guys, and why are there at least three of them, four counting Rik—if Rik is really in the cabin, if there really is a cabin?

"There's a place just up the hill where we can all get nice and warm." The car's occupants laughed and hooted at the comment. "This is what I came for, Shawna, a wild party," Destiny said, sounding irritated. "Isn't it what you came for?" Defying the red lights and warning sirens going off inside her, Destiny had something Shawna wanted: the freedom, the independence to say, "I know what's best for me," If a party with these guys is good enough for Destiny, Shawna assured herself, it's good enough for me. "Yeah," she said, mustering her confidence. "This is exactly what I came for."

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