Thursday, January 27, 2011


Before Shawna could reach the car's open door, a green Ford Explorer snapped into a quick turn and knifed into the last parking space beside the Camaro, causing her to jump back in alarm. Painted on the door in large white letters were the words Lakeside Pines Christian Camp. Shawna recognized the director of the camp from which she and Destiny had almost succeeded in escaping.

The blue Camaro full of guys squealed away from the curb and roared toward the village. Destiny snapped at Shawna "If you'd jumped into that car faster, we'd be out of here free and clear. But no, you stand around and ..." Her words trailed off on a note of disgust. Shawna said nothing. She knew Destiny could not begin to understand the sudden sense of relief she felt. She hardly understood it herself.

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