Monday, November 1, 2010

It's a Girl

Placing a hand on her ballooning tummy, Stephanie announced, “It’s a girl. The images were real clear this month, they said. Everything looks good. The baby is healthy and growing.” “A girl-that’s wonderful,” Jenny said with guarded enthusiasm, “but are you doing okay?” “Yes, I’m doing well. The doctor says I’m a couple of pounds overweight, but she wasn’t worried about it.” “I mean are you okay emotionally, knowing that the baby is a girl?” Jenny asked with concern. “Does it make you want to change your mind?”

Stephanie thought about it for a moment. “I had a hunch that it was a girl, so I’m pleased about that. There is still a part of me that would love to take care of my little girl. But Mom and I prayed about this a lot, talked a lot, and cried a lot. I’m convinced that the best thing for the baby is to grow up with our plans to share her with a loving family.”

“Are Brent and his parents okay about that?” Jenny asked. “Yes. It might be different if Brent was someone I already planned to marry. But we're not going to be together. We both know that. And it might be different if I was mature enough to raise the child by myself. But I’m not. His family and mine agree that the baby deserves a better home than either Brent or I can provide.”

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