Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What About School?

Jenny, Stephanie and Claire talked for almost an hour about many of the implications of Stephanie’s pregnancy. She expressed her desire to at least start classes for the fall term. Jenny suggested that Claire and Stephanie discuss the issue with the school officials on Monday. They debated how it would be best for Stephanie to tell her father and brother about the pregnancy. They finally decided that a phone call later in the day would be sufficient. Stephanie said she would also call Brent that evening, asking her mother to be with her when she did.

They spent a little time comparing the advantages and disadvantages of single parenthood and adoption. The discussion turned to Stephanie’s goals for education and career and how these goals would be impacted by each option. Just before leaving, Jenny led a prayer for God’s wisdom and guidance as Stephanie and Claire continued to sort through the options and implications of the pregnancy.

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