Monday, October 25, 2010

I Won't Have an Abortion

Jenny said, “Claire, Stephanie and I have spent some time talking about the many implications of her pregnancy on her life and yours. She will need some time and your support to make all the necessary decisions. But we thought it would be good for her to share with you what she is thinking so far.” Then she nodded to Stephanie.

“First, I want you to know that I will not have an abortion,” she stated firmly. “It’s wrong, and I won’t do it.” “I’m relieved to hear you say that, honey,” Claire said. “And I know God is pleased with your decision.” Stephanie went on. “And I’m not planning to marry Brent, at least not now. We’re not in love. But I hope you will help me talk to him and his family when the time comes.” “Of course I will,” Claire assured her.

“Stephanie, what are your plans for the baby?” her mother asked. “I don’t know yet,” she answered. “I hope you will talk with me and pray with me about whether I should keep the baby or consider adoption. I know it will be the most difficult decision of my life so far. I want to take my time and be sure.” Claire nodded her agreement. “Thank you for including me. That means a lot to me.”

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