Wednesday, September 1, 2010

True Love Is … Comfort

What does true love look like in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship? It has the same basic elements as love expressed in any other relationship, though the elements of affection and time commitment may be greater in this special relationship. Here are a few examples:

True love seeks to meet needs for comfort. Everybody needs comfort, support, and encouragement, especially during the inevitable times of pain and discouragement in life. Comfort is not a “pep talk” urging another person to hang in there, tough it out, or hold it together. Comfort is not an attempt to explain why bad things happen to people. Comfort is not a bunch of positive words about God being in control and everything being okay. All of these things may be good and useful in time, but they do not fill the primary need for comfort.

People receive comfort when we feel their hurt and sorrow with them, so they
know they are not suffering alone. Paul instructed us. “Rejoice with those who
rejoice; mourn with those who mourn” (Romans 12:15). Try offering a gentle touch, a tender embrace, or providing a shoulder to cry on. When your special friend is hurting for some reason, share words like, “I know it hurts,” or “I really hurt for you.” Save your words of advice or admonitions from Scripture for a time after you have shared your friend’s feelings. That’s biblical comfort. To be continued.

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