Monday, August 30, 2010

Stay Focused on God's Love

A simple definition of true love is: to protect and to provide for another person. If you are learning how to protect and to provide for anyone, it should be the one to whom you are most deeply attracted. Like many others, the relationship may have begun by focusing on infatuation, romantic attachment or even sex. You may have recognized large doses of “I love you if …” or “I love you because …” in the way you treat one another. Conditional love rarely protects or provides for another.

If you want the relationship to grow and succeed in God’s terms, focus on applying God’s definition of love: “I love you, period!” This unconditional love seeks to protect and provide for the other person. Consciously make your friend’s happiness, health, and spiritual growth as important to you as your own. If you are in a romantic relationship, you will know it is true love when your heart’s desire is to protect and provide for the object of your affection.

The difficult events in life can be sobering and can challenge people to reevaluate their relationship. Seek out your spiritual mentors and ask them to help guide you in trying times.

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