Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Love You Because ...

The second kind of love that people express is “I love you because…”. “I love you because …” is a close cousin to “I love you if ...”. One person loves another because of something he or she is, has, or does. Someone may say, “I love you because … you are so beautiful” or “I love you because … you take good care of me” or “I love you because … you make me laugh.” Sadly, some may even think “I love you because … you are the only one showing interest in me right now.” Females often experience because love when they are strongly attracted to a male because he is so sweet, kind, romantic or spends a lot of money on her.

I love you because ...” sounds pretty good. Almost everyone appreciates being loved for who they are or what they do. It is certainly preferable to “I love you if ...”, which must be constantly earned and requires a lot of effort. Being loved because we are good looking, witty, kind, wealthy, popular, and so on seems less demanding and conditional than trying to bargain for love.

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