Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Commit and Count

The 4C Process helps you make right moral choices in conformity with God's universal will. CHOICE and COMPARE have been discussed. The next two are:

C3. COMMIT to God's way. Once you have compared your selfish desires to God's absolute
standard, you must choose between your way and God's way. Nobody can do this for you. You must consciously turn from your selfish way and firmly commit to God's way.

C4. COUNT on God's protection and provision. When you admit God's sovereignty and submit to His loving authority, you can begin to count on His protection and provision. This doesn't mean everything will be rosy. In fact, God says pretty bluntly that you will suffer at times for choosing to live by His standard of righteousness. But living God's way brings many spiritual blessings, like freedom from guilt, a clear conscience, the joy of sharing Christ, and, most important, the blessing of God in your life. You may also enjoy many physical, emotional, psychological, and relational benefits when you commit to God's ways. While God's protection and provision should not be the primary motivation for obeying Him, it certainly provides powerful encouragement for choosing His will.

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