Monday, May 10, 2010

How Can I Know God's Will?

"How can I know God's will?" This is one of the questions students ask most frequently of Christian leaders. Some talk about it, others worry about it and even lose sleep over it. Why is God's will such a big deal for people your age? Because you are facing the three most important decisions of your life. First is the decision about who will guide your life. The most important decision is to trust Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Do you intend to live your life according to His Word and His will as He reveals it to you?

The second vital decision you are facing regards marriage: if you will marry and whom you will marry. You may be struggling with this decision right now because you know who you want to marry, but you are not sure if it is God's will. The marriage decision is doubly difficult because it requires the participation of another person. You may think it is God's will to marry someday, but your opinion means little unless the other person interprets God's will the same way.

Your third most important decision centers on career. What will you do with your life? What education will you need to prepare you for this endeavor? Do you feel the pressure of making a career decision in the next few years that could impact the rest of your life? You're not alone.

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