Thursday, March 18, 2010

Accepting the Loss

Doug has been talking to Chad about the loss of his mother, little brother and best friend. Doug asked Chad, "What has been the greatest help to you in getting through your times of denial, anger and depression this month?" Chad thought for a moment. “I'm really confident that I will see Mom and Matty and Rob again in heaven some day. I have heard the Bible verses about heaven since I was a small child. But in the last few weeks, that truth has really become real to me. I don't know how people make it without the hope of being with Christ and seeing their loved ones again.

"Another thing is having people like you to be with. My close friends at church have been great about spending time with me when I'm missing Rob - and if I need to talk, some of them are willing to listen to me, just like you do. It has brought us all closer together."

“And Dad has been great. Some days he will sit down with me and ask what I'm thinking. At other times we don't even have to talk. We just hug - and sometimes we even cry. I don't know how, but being together and crying together seems to ease the pain of losing Mom and Matty. We are closer than we have ever been." "That's wonderful, Chad. I’m really glad that people are reaching out and supporting you after experiencing such a significant loss.”

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