Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Difficult to Grieve

It was just over a month earlier that Chad had lost his mother, little brother and best friend when a produce truck hit their car. Doug had been away at a business conference all week, so the first thing he asked as they drove away was, "How are you doing, Chad?" He replied, "I'm doing okay. I still miss Mom a lot, and I have my emotional moments, but I'm so glad you told me about the different stages of grief. Otherwise I might think there was something wrong with me."

Chad shared a little more about his week, and then Doug asked, "How is Beth doing?" Chad sighed, “She calls about once a week, but she doesn't talk about Mom or Matty or the accident. I have been praying for her, but I think she is still hurting and doesn't know how to deal with it." Doug nodded, "Some people have a difficult time dealing with their pain and receiving comfort. Just keep praying for her and looking for ways to share comfort. Jenny and I will do the same."

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