Monday, March 22, 2010

Comforting Others

Several minutes into his conversation with Doug, Chad said, “Sometimes I can think about Mom and Matty and Rob and enjoy the good memories without the pain of losing them getting in the way. I still miss them a lot, but I'm also very thankful for the time I had with each of them. I'm sure that the hope I feel and the comfort of others - plus time -will eventually heal even my deepest hurts."

"I'm happy to hear that for at least two reasons," Doug said. "One, I'm just happy for how God is helping you through this very difficult time. Two, I want to talk to you about Marty Keller." Chad replied, "Marty Keller, he's the new freshman that started attending our youth group about a month ago.”

"Doug continued, “Pastor O'Neill called this morning to tell us that Marty's grandfather died suddenly of a stroke yesterday. Marty was very close to his grandparents, and he is really hurting."

"Oh, no," Chad said. "I'll bet Marty could use some comfort right now." "That's what I thought," Doug agreed. Chad smiled and said, "Maybe we could stop by Marty's house just for a couple of minutes. I have some comfort I could share with him." Doug smiled back. "That sounds a lot like 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 where Paul talks about comforting others as God has comforted us." Chad was excited to help someone else the same way he had been helped. "Let's go on a mission of comfort." "We're on our way," Doug said, as he turned the car in the direction of the Keller home.

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