Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is My Mom Brain Dead?

Rob's surgeon came out first, and Chad held his breath as he began his report to family and friends. The gruesome details of his friend's life-threatening injuries and surgery made Chad shudder with shock and fear. Rob would be in intensive care for several days. He was on life support and had a fifty/fifty chance for survival. Chad joined Doug and Jenny to pray with Rob's parents.

When the second doctor, a neurosurgeon, walked into the waiting room about twenty minutes later, Chad wanted to run away and hide. If he didn't hear what the doctor said, he might be able to convince himself that his Mom was fine, that this hospital nightmare was only about Matty and Rob. But Ben motioned Chad to his side on the sofa and draped a comforting arm around his shoulders.

The doctor sat on the coffee table and addressed Ben Rogers. "Your wife is out of surgery and holding her own for the moment. But I'm afraid the prognosis is not good. She suffered serious head trauma in the crash, and we did everything we could for her. But she is not breathing on her own and - I'm sorry to say - her brain activity is very weak." "You mean my Mom is brain dead?" The timid words tumbled out before Chad could stop them. The surgeon turned to him. “I'm not ready to say she is brain dead. But it doesn't look good. We have done all we can medically, but I also believe in prayer and miracles. The rest is up to the Great Physician."

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Sharon said...

Oh wow...I'm looking forward to hearing what happens next!