Monday, February 22, 2010

She’s in a Deep Coma

Chad squeezed his eyes closed to shut out the cruel world assaulting him. Had his father and Doug not been surrounding him at the moment, he might have bolted from the hospital waiting room.

"When can we see her?" Ben asked the doctor, his voice breaking. "She should be in ICU by now," the doctor said, standing. "She is in a deep coma, but hearing your voices may be a comfort to her. A few of you may go back if you like."

Chad knew he had to go see his mother, but he hesitated at the idea. To Chad, walking through those doors meant that his mother was really in a hospital room connected to machines to stay alive, and he did not want to admit that. Horrible accidents occurred in other people's lives, not in his.

Moments later Chad found himself walking with Doug Shaw down a dimly lit hall toward ICU. Pastor O'Neill and Ben Rogers walked ahead. Jenny had left after volunteering to pick up Beth at the airport and bring her to the hospital.

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