Monday, February 15, 2010

At Least He Didn’t Suffer

Waiting for the doctors to come out of surgery was torture. In the meantime, Ben Rogers's attention was torn between the sad task of arranging for his little boy's body to be picked up by the funeral home and the frail hope that his wife would survive her massive injuries. Chad and Ben both talked to Beth on the phone. His older sister said she would get on a flight for home as soon as possible. Chad was surprised at how calm she sounded on the phone.

Then, along with a room full of family and caring friends, they returned to waiting. People occasionally said things to Chad, apparently trying to cheer him up: "God must need your little brother in heaven more than we do. At least Matthew didn't suffer long. You should be thankful that God let you have him for six years. Everything will be all right." Chad knew the people meant well, but their comments only made things worse. He found himself returning to Doug and Jenny occasionally just to hear them say "We're sorry" and "We're here for you."

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