Monday, February 1, 2010

I Need Approval and Acceptance

Six common emotional needs are attention, appreciation, approval, acceptance, respect, and affection. Attention and appreciation were expanded on in the last blog. Here are more:


Our need for approval is met when others compliment our deeds and speak well of us. These statements reflect a student whose need for approval is not being met by parents or friends. Are they true of you?

Nothing I do is good enough for my parents or friends.
My parents or friends don't approve of me.
It seems that my parents or friends criticize me all the time.
My parents or friends sometimes make me feel like a complete failure.


We feel accepted when people know we are different and imperfect and love us anyway. Someone who doesn't feel accepted may make these statements:

My parents or friends only seem to care about me if I do what they want me to do.
Dad and Mom can't accept the fact that I'm different from them.
Sometimes I feel like I don't belong in this family.
They treat me like I don't know anything.
When I mess up, my parents or friends can't seem to forgive me.

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