Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Need Respect and Affection

Six common emotional needs are attention, appreciation, approval, acceptance, respect, and affection. Attention, appreciation, approval, and acceptance were expanded on in the last two blogs. Here are more:


Our need for respect is met when we feel highly valued and esteemed by others. You may identify with the following statements if you don't feel respected by your parents:

My parents or friends are always yelling at me.
I don't have any privacy at home.
I feel like my parents or friends don't trust me.
Mom and Dad treat me like a little kid.
My parents are always checking up on me.


Affection is communicated through physical closeness and loving words. A lack of parent/child affection is reflected in the following statements:

It seems that my parents treat my brother or sister better than they treat me.
I wish I felt closer to my parents or friends.
My parents hardly ever tell me they love me.
Dad and Mom seldom hug or kiss me anymore.
I don't receive much affection from my parents or friends.
I know my parents love me, but sometimes they don't act like it.

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