Thursday, July 23, 2009

Telling Your Parents (Part 1)

Ann was still nervous about how her parents would react to telling them about her grandfather sexually abusing her as a child. She secretly wished it were all over. Jenny started the conversation, “Last week Ann talked to me—along with Heather—about something very hurtful in her life. I've encouraged her to share it with you. Heather and I are here mainly to provide moral support. Go ahead, Ann."

Ann wanted to roll up into a ball and hide but took a deep breath and began. "Mom and Dad, do you remember the times you left me at Grandpa and Grandma Bennett's when you went away for weekends?" Ann paused and bit her lip. "I ... I was sexually abused by Grandpa Bennett. For about three years, Grandpa Bennett sexually abused me when I stayed at their house. He made me keep it a secret. I never told anyone about it because I was embarrassed and scared. I thought it was partly my fault, and I didn't want to get into trouble. But I have had nightmares about what happened ever since and even had one at camp. So I told Heather and Jenny about the abuse. Jenny said I should tell you, even though we knew it would be hard. Mom and Dad, I really need your help to get through this." (To be continued).

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