Thursday, July 2, 2009

Searching for Companionship and Affection

The search for intimacy is a search for companionship. People are desperate to escape the loneliness that plagues our culture. And adolescents are among the most vulnerable to the pain of loneliness. It’s another reason kids get involved in premarital sex. A sexual encounter is at least a momentary escape from loneliness.

Girls are most vulnerable to loneliness. The following student got an up-close look at loneliness and how her friend tried unsuccessfully to escape it through sex.

I used to think it would be OK to have sex with a steady boyfriend; at least then you would be doing it with someone who really did care about you. I thought that until I lived with my roommate, Liz. Liz dated Chris for two years. They went to high school homecomings and proms together, they drank beer and ate Oreos together, and they made love together in the back of Chris’ car. And afterward, Chris would drive Liz back home. Then Liz found out she was pregnant. Chris said he couldn’t marry her because he had a good football scholarship. So Liz went to a clinic to have an abortion. She went by herself. Once again, she was alone.

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