Wednesday, July 8, 2009

God Created Needs

God created a number of needs in human beings; one of them being our need for companionship. In fact, one of the first things God said about us was, “It is not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18 NIV). A teenager looking for companionship through sex is legitimately lonely. It is a real condition, not something he cooked up in his head. Loneliness was not part of God’s design for us.

When God gives us a need, He also gives a way for that need to be met. To deny the need, mask it, or run away from it is to avoid God’s plan for fulfilling it. Such responses are self-defeating, and can only be unfulfilling. When we admit we are lonely and have a relational need that must be fulfilled, we are on the way to fulfilling it. Our next move must be in the direction of God, though, because a God-given desire can be met only in God’s way.

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