Monday, May 18, 2009

Learning to Love

Since love is learned from role models, the family is the most important influence on how a child perceives love (followed by peers and society in general). When parents are to an appreciable degree acting out the imagery of God, displaying to a perceptible extent the attributes of Christian love, children will grow up learning that love.

Children in such homes grow up learning to be accepted and appreciated, which leads them to a feeling of security and significance. These children, in turn, will respond to that love in obedience to the parents’ authority, and will begin internalizing the principles taught by the parents.

This is why the destruction of the family is so devastating. Children grow up learning from their parents that love means “Get what you can from the other person, and when that person doesn’t perform properly, get out of the relationship.” Such is the feeling of “love” that many kids today are confusing with sex.

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