Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Without Thinking

In a way, the amusement we seek in the media (by the way, the word “amusement” literally means “without thinking”) is a denial of God’s creation of us. We are created in His image: intelligent, clever and able to reason. By replacing mental nourishment with mental chewing gum, we turn our backs on one of the major elements that sets us apart from animals. When that mental sedative fills us with sexual suggestions and images, we associate sex with amusement.

From there, it is a simple step to seek out sex as a form of amusing escape, a sensory entertainment. Teenagers are doubly susceptible to this, because of the hormonal and emotional upheavals they are going through. Without the knowledge of right and wrong, without standards, without the Holy Spirit to fill the void, young people are open to the quickest counterfeit escape our society can provide.

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