Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

The number one barrier we can erect against the influence of the negative media is an emotional attachment, a loving bond and an intimate connection with our children. From this positive relationship you may then discuss the issue of the impact of media in their lives in your home. This is much more effective than categorically blasting the media and forbidding your children from movies, TV or the internet. Such a response is often an attempt to compensate for the lack of a close family relationship.

When our young people immerse themselves in the media and allow sexually-charged images and sounds to fan the flames of adolescent hormones, there is often a deeper reason for it. Kids are looking for something to satisfy their deep, God-instilled needs: love, acceptance, approval, affirmation, intimacy, to name but a few. And when those needs go unmet in home, church and school, adolescents intensify the search in other, less healthy areas. Those who should be part of the solution in a child’s life are often a large part of the problem.

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