Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Sex Breaks Down

God established sex for the marriage relationship. As a couple builds toward the point of officially sealing their commitment in front of God, friends, and family, they find more and more opportunities to strengthen that commitment. The engagement period should be a wonderful time of supporting, loving and honoring one another.

Sex before marriage doesn’t build up, it breaks down. It doesn’t show love, it shows selfishness and self-centeredness. It doesn’t honor, it uses. In one sense, a rush for sex before marriage embodies everything an engagement shouldn’t be.

Those who insist on becoming familiar with each other’s bodies for the sake of the wedding night are not only denying themselves the thrill of discovery on that night, the first night in which they can do what only a husband and wife may do, they also disregard a basic knowledge of anatomy. In the words of Tim Downs, a Christian cartoonist and speaker, “Rest assured the plumbing works.” There is no need to try it out in advance.

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Mike Avenue said...

I agree. Everyone who will enter the married life should understand this.
Timely issue.