Thursday, December 11, 2008

It’s Not Too Late

Despite the pain that sex may have brought to almost-married couples, there is good news. God heals. I have counseled a number of couples who were involved sexually, and I have seen great things happen when they gave control of the relationship back to God. Even though they may have felt they couldn’t go back to a non-physical relationship, they knew they had to choose between putting off gratification for the moment and losing each other. Engagements turn from being a time of insecurity and distrust to a time of purification. It can be done.

When trust is rebuilt in such a close relationship, it causes the individual partners to trust themselves again. Whereas the sexual activity had caused each to feel insecure and to have a poor self-image, stopping the activity brought about a new sense of self-control, responsibility and dignity. As they each experienced a new, healthy self-image, they were able to view one another as one worthy of dignity and respect.

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