Monday, December 22, 2008


Sex is not a chip to be bartered with. You don’t buy it in the market. When it becomes something to be obtained by making strategic moves, sex becomes an end in itself.

A manipulative boy does not want sex with this particular girl, he just wants sex. When he indicates that she owes it to him if she wants to keep the relationship, he shows that he is out to take, not give. He’s not seeking to cement a lifelong commitment of love and sharing and looking out for the other person’s best interests; he wants to make it with anyone who will say yes. A girl who offers herself at such a price doesn’t feel she is of great value, which is tragic in light of so much that God says to the contrary.

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Anonymous said...

We have to point out that without the grace of God - one cannot repent on his own.

Do not agree that God can be hurt by man's rejection - without God's election before the foundation of the earth - we cannot accept His grace.