Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Giving To Get

In a sense, we prostitute ourselves when we allow others to manipulate us. We give them what they want in order to get what we want. A girl manipulated into sex by a boy because “she owes it to him” is selling her body for whatever she wants out of the relationship, be it security, popularity or some semblance of love. God is grieved when we thus destroy the dignity He has given us.

The cause of this mentality of “giving something in order to get something” is insecurity. If a boy feels he must have sex with a girl, regardless of how he gets her to say yes, he is showing insecurity. He has made sex a requirement for feeling right about himself or for feeling good about her. Likewise, a girl who gives in to his manipulation in order not to lose him does not have a self-image grounded in the Word of God. She values the relationship more than her own importance, and she acts out her insecurities.

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