Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When Sex Isn’t Private

Sex at public expense in not a private act. It is no longer private when people who practice casual sex behind closed doors come out and demand that the government spend billions of dollars on AIDS research. It is no longer private when teenagers who become pregnant behind closed doors pass the costs of those children on to taxpayers.

Even worse, sex is no longer private when one or both partners contract a sexually transmitted disease which is then passed on to others in subsequent “private acts.” And many times these partners are unaware that they are carrying, transmitting, and/or receiving a potentially incurable disease. Even an honest answer from a sex partner about sexually transmitted diseases—“Me? No, I’m not infected”—is no guarantee of safety. While dormant in one person, an STD can be transmitted to another.

Since the private act of sex has become so tainted, we who are parents are faced with a grim task. We must explain to our children that they cannot have peace of mind on their wedding night (or afterward) unless they know the detailed sexual history of the persons they marry. It wasn’t easy telling that to my three daughters and my son. But I had to tell them.

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