Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Cost of Affairs

Think of the implications within a marriage if the husband has an extramarital affair. What if he repents and goes back to his wife? She could become frigid because of legitimate fear: “If I have sex with my husband now, it’s as if I’m having sex with that woman he had sex with—plus everyone she’s had sex with for the last seven to eight years.” When we break God’s loving commandments, the cost to us can be staggering.

A businessman approached me recently and explained that he had been having an affair with several women. When his wife found out, she was deeply hurt and angry. So to get back at him, she had sex with their neighbor. That man gave her herpes, and then she passed the disease on to her husband. He was devastated and was painfully aware that he was paying a high price for his sin.

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