Monday, September 8, 2008

Don’t Wait

The claim that a supernatural God invaded nature, died and rose again is astounding, but we have more reasons for believing it than not. We must not make the mistake of waiting for all the pieces to fall into place before we allow belief to kick in. Our perspective is too limited to encompass the whole truth. We will always wrestle with troubling questions about God, such as the existence of pain, the concept of hell or apparent conflicts in the Bible.

These questions have excellent and helpful answers available to the person who seeks them. But often our objections to God assume that He should think just as we do and should have set up the world just as we think it ought to be. When we encounter a world that differs from our own ideal, we make the outlandish presumption that we have the right to banish the creator of such a world to nonexistence. The only rational stance is to allow perplexing peripheral questions to be absorbed by our rational faith in the larger truth. God is. He defines reality. He gave Christ to die for me. He loves me.

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