Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Certainty of God’s Love

It is not surprising that minds steeped in rationalism want to reject the reality of God’s relentless, unconditional love. A supernatural creator of the galaxies who took on a human body and was raised from the dead tends to make twenty-first-century sophisticates squirm. To them it appears to be just another of many ancient myths and legends telling of dying gods and human sacrifices to woo or appease alienated deities.

This resemblance of the Christ story to ancient myths is actually a strong indication of its truth. People have always sensed the gravity of their alienation to whatever gods they worshiped and dimly realized that only the sacrifice of a god or an extraordinary human could bring about reconciliation. All such myths were prefiguring shadows that recognized the dilemma and anticipated the solution.

Why should the Christian story alone be true out of all the similar myths that precede it? The events occurred at a specific time and place and were corroborated as accurate by historians with no stake in the story’s veracity. Furthermore, the coming of Christ and hundreds of the events in His life were predicted in writing—even down to such details as the time and place—long before they occurred.

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