Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God is Waiting for You

When scientists grew bold enough to declare that what they could observe and test was all that could exist, the supernatural was demoted to the level of superstition. The attitude was that those poor people back then didn’t know any better. But we now stand in a position to pass judgment on their beliefs. This attitude is not unique to our own age. Every age tends to think its own viewpoint is superior to those of the past.

While we agree that viewpoints do skew objectivity and admit that we all have them, the universe presents to us truths so monolithic that they tower above all viewpoints. Perhaps we can’t pull our feet completely out of the mire of modernism’s overconfidence in empiricism, but we can see truths looming above us much larger than reason can comprehend. The fog of postmodernism may blur our sight, but no fog can completely obscure the firm outlines of the ultimate absolute.

There it is. The ultimate absolute is also your personal absolute. Incredible as it may seem, the God of the universe loves you personally and desperately, and He wants to win you to Himself. He wants a relationship with you. That relationship will fulfill you completely and bring to your life certainty, meaning and joy beyond imagining. He is not only the absolute for the universe. He is also the absolute for your life and happiness. He is waiting for you to invite him in.

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