Monday, December 17, 2007

A Skeptic’s Quest – My Testimony Part 7

I have interns who travel with me. These are young men who believe they are going to go into a teaching ministry, a speaking evangelistic ministry, and people come to me and say, “Oh, you ought to have so-and-so travel with you, he’s so brilliant, he’s such a persuasive speaker, he’s so talented.” They think that I am impressed with that. You know what goes through my mind? “Boy, does that guy have a lot to trust God for.” You know, I believe it is easy to take your natural abilities, your gifts, your talents and place them on the altar. You know what is tougher – to take that step of faith to trust Him with your limitations. I am convinced that ultimately God can glorify himself more through your limitations than your abilities and your talents. He is looking for people who are available to a limitless God to live His life out through you.

And that’s a little bit of what the attributes of God have done in my life when I realized He is greater than my limitations. There is nothing in my life that is greater than God’s power, and what often bothered me for years was that I could trust God with the big things, but I could not trust Him with little things. Why? I didn’t doubt His power, what I doubted was His love. I came to understand there was nothing too great in my life that His power could not overcome. I thought there were many things so insignificant with which His love could not be concerned. And I’ve come to realize now that there is nothing too great in my life for God’s power to deal with, or anything too small or too insignificant for His love not to be concerned about, and that’s when you truly become free.

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