Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Real Facts

Finally Stevie found the person to whom she did not want to say good-bye. Wes Bellardi was sitting on the leather sofa in the family room, still appearing thin and fragile, but growing stronger every day. He was sufficiently healed from his life-saving abdominal surgery but burns had left him badly scarred. He wore a soft knit cap over his skull where as yet little hair had grown back. But thankfully he still tested negative for HIV.

As soon as he had been well enough to talk, he had told Stevie the details of that Halloween night. His original plan was to escape from the boat before the explosion and swim to shore. Unfortunately, he drank too much vodka and lost his balance on the slippery boat deck just after lighting the fuse. Wes had planned to disappear for a while, hiding out as long as he could in the gay community at Berkeley, allowing his father to believe he was dead. Stevie—and Senator Bellardi—had been extremely relieved to know that Wes had not intentionally tried to kill himself.

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