Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Justice, Mercy, and Humility

The governor-elect had telephoned Stevie four times in the last six weeks trying to convince her to accept a staff position. She felt flattered and appreciated, but each time she politely declined. "Thank you, sir. As I've said before, it would be an honor to serve with you, but God is leading us in another direction right now. I believe North California is an ideal environment for Christian families. But not everyone can move here. And not everyone should move here. Believers in New York City Chicago, Los Angeles, and other places around the country must live out the values of justice, mercy, and humility wherever they are, even if it is a more hostile environment. As much as we love North California, I think the Jon, myself and the kids are needed in L.A."

Another wave of arriving guests separated Stevie from her host, permitting her to migrate through the living room toward the family room. She exchanged holiday greetings and received best wishes and farewells from several former coworkers. Stevie smiled, content in her family’s decision.

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