Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Asked for Forgiveness

Jon was still in love with Stevie—maybe more now than he had ever been. Because now he saw things so much more clearly. It was not Dougie's death that had driven them apart; it was their lack of understanding of their differences. God had meant those differences to complement each other, but they had allowed them to divide and destroy. Their discussion earlier that morning about justice and mercy and love had solidified that understanding in Jon's mind.

Stevie, he thought silently, I understand now. I really do. You only wanted to do what was right for our children. You wanted to protect them by teaching them about justice. And you wanted me to help you. Together we could have done that. But I let you down. You wanted me to take a firmer stand, especially with Dougie, but I was so caught up in being his "buddy" that I failed him as a father. That's what made you so vulnerable to getting involved in Senator Bellardi's campaign. I know I've asked for your forgiveness and you've given it, but... can we ever find our way back together? Is it too late for us to be a family again?

He switched gears then, turning his words back to prayers for Stevie, rather than thoughts toward her. But even as he prayed, he anxiously kept his ears tuned for the ring that would signal her call.


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