Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Treasure to Be Guarded

Despite Wes's grave condition and the dismal prospects for his future, Stevie was filled with awe at the sanctity and significance of this one human life.

In a soft whisper, she told Wes everything that had happened to him in the last twelve frantic hours, events he would not remember. She would tell about something, then wait, as if giving Wes time to process the words and to respond. She knew he could not hear her, but the approach seemed more like a conversation to Stevie.

The wall clock swept slowly past noon. Stevie tried not to think about what was happening in the lobby. She talked to Wes about Ernie, the angel God sent to the lake just at the right moment. She told him about the journey his email letter had taken, from her computer to Robert to the senator. She warned him that life with his father might not be any easier than before. Then she assured him that God loved him and that his life, as long as it lasted and as difficult as it might be, was a treasure to be guarded.

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