Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Too Busy for Family

"Stevie, I don't want to add to your burden," Jon began, "but you need to hear something before you see Shawna again." Jon described his late-night conversation with their very soaked, very distraught fourteen-year-old daughter cuddling a wide-eyed black kitten. Jon related Shawna's feelings of abandonment in the midst of her mother's busyness with the campaign. He told about their daughter's search for acceptance among members of the "Young Women's Leadership Club." Stevie cringed at the description of the Halloween party.  The harsh reality of Shawna's pain cut into Stevie deeply. Waves of conviction and remorse prompted another outflow of tears.

"Shawna said she tried to talk to you, but you were always too busy," Jon concluded. “Is she blowing things out of proportion?" Stevie was tempted to respond to Jon just as she had repeatedly rationalized to herself when putting the campaign ahead of the kids: I'm doing it for them. I'm committed to making North California a haven against the world's version of tolerance. As soon as Senator Bellardi wins the election, everything will get back to normal for the kids and me. "No, she's not exaggerating. I have a lot of making up to do."


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