Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wes in Critical Condition

"That was the FBI agent monitoring communications at campaign headquarters," Robert reported shortly after midnight. "He said they received a message just a few minutes ago from AntiCrist," Robert explained. "All it said was, Time's up. Your son is dead. Enjoy your rain as king. AntiCrist.'"

Shortly after the coach arrived at campaign headquarters, Robert received a call from the hospital. "Wes has been found. A houseboat exploded out on the lake, and Wes was in it. He's alive, but he suffered severe burns, internal injuries, and head injuries. He's headed into surgery right now, hanging by a thread.”

By the time Stevie arrived at the hospital, the police had cordoned off the surgery wing because of the growing swarm of media. No statement would be made until morning at the earliest. All details of the explosion were withheld. First reports from the scene merely stated that Senator Bellardi's son was critically injured in an alleged assassination attempt by the terrorist AntiCrist, who was still at large. Wes remained comatose and bleeding internally. He would surely die if they did not get inside and stop the bleeding. Senator and Mrs. Bellardi would arrive within the hour by helicopter. AntiCrist had more than likely swam to shore and disappeared. There was nothing to do now but wait and pray.

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